About us

Four enterprising students at Stevens Institute of Technology—Connor, Chris, Luca, and Drew—came together to tackle a unique college project: setting up a dropshipping store. Hailing from different backgrounds, they brought their diverse skills and experiences to the table, making for a dynamic and resourceful team. The project would serve as both a learning opportunity and a chance to flex their entrepreneurial muscles.

Connor, a marketing major, immediately assumed the role of team leader, guiding the group’s strategic direction and marketing efforts. His keen eye for consumer behavior and trends was instrumental in selecting a profitable niche for their dropshipping venture. Chris, a computer science major, took on the technical aspects, crafting an efficient and visually appealing e-commerce website. His coding skills ensured that the online store not only looked great but also functioned seamlessly.

Luca, a finance major, managed the financial aspects of the project with meticulous precision. He crunched the numbers, prepared budgets, and analyzed potential revenue streams, ensuring the project’s profitability. Drew, the creative genius among the group, was responsible for product selection, curating a range of appealing items, and designing the store’s branding to attract their target audience.

The team’s entrepreneurial journey began with hours of research, market analysis, and supplier scouting. They finally decided to focus on dropshipping gadgets and tech accessories. They recognized the booming tech market and believed it would resonate with the tech-savvy college audience they aimed to serve. By collaborating with reliable suppliers and honing their marketing strategies, they sought to carve a niche for their store in a competitive e-commerce landscape.

As the project evolved, the students learned the ropes of product sourcing, customer service, and online advertising. Their collective efforts transformed their college project into a fully operational online store, and in the process, they gained practical experience in the world of e-commerce and entrepreneurship. Their journey was not just about earning a grade but about applying their classroom knowledge to real-world challenges, and they emerged from it with a valuable skill set and a taste for the exciting world of online business.